lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011



1. Jeff: I´m bored. What can we do?
Sam: Let´s go to the park and play tennis.
Jeff: No, it´s raining.
Sam: Ok, let´s play video games.
Jeff: Great!
2.Lilly: I´m bored. What can we do?
Hannah: Let´s ride bikes.
Lilly: No, I can´t. I haven´t got a helmet.
Hannah: Ok, let´s go swimming.
Lilly: No, I can´t swim.
Hannah: Oh, ok... We can play with my dog.
Lilly: Great! I love pets!
3.Is Mary playing handball? No, she´s at the sports center. She´s doing gymnastics.
4.Where is Emma? She´s at the park. She´s playing volleyball.

Help! I´m lost in Zalamea! Give me directions.
5.I´m at the library. Where´s the park?
6.I´m at school. Where´s the sports centre?

Answer the questions:
7.What´s for lunch?
8.Do you like chicken soup?
9.Do you like rice and fish?
10.What does your dad look like?
11.What does your English teacher look like?

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