lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

EJERCICIOS REPASO 5th. LEVEL UNIT 3 (February 7th 2011)

    a) There aren't any cinemas, hotels and cafes near(cerca de) Don Benito
    b) What's the time? It's half past two
    c) Can you go to the bowling alley on sunday morning? Yes, I can
    d) Where's the art gallery? Go straight on. Turn right after the station. Go past the supermarket. Turn left.
    e) El domingo yo voy al estadio de fútbol y el lunes yo voy a la pista de patinaje
    f) Yo odio los guisantes, no me gusta el pescado o las cerezas y me encantan las zanahorias, el queso y el chocolate.
    g) I like milk, but I don't like eggs. I love rice, but I hate sausages
    h) Does she like pizza? No, she doesn't like pizza, but she loves milk
    i) I've got one brother, Tom. He's got curly black hair and blue eyes like me. My sister Olga's got long hair and green eyes. My mum Mary's got short curly hair and brown eyes. My favourite clothes are sports clothes. I'm wearing a pink and purple tracksuit.

  2. Write this numbers in Spanish: 13, 25, 86, 154, 697, 996, 441, 783, 912, 633
  3. Write the time: 5:15, 9:30, 8:45, 7:00, 2:15, 6:30, 4:45, 10:00

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