lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

English Sentences (6th Level)

  • She is not pretty. He is wise. You are not ugly and I am braver than you
  • I love animals but I can't help them when they are sick
  • I'm braver than you, let me fight the bear
  • My granny is wise and old. That dog is brave, young and strong
  • Have you got a ring, a belt and a hairband? Yes, I've got
  • Mi amiga tiene auriculares, cinturón, collares y una diadema blanca con corazones. Me encanta.
  • I am weak and wise, my friend Lola is sillier than me.
  • Me gusta vivir en Madrid. Es bonito y puedo ir a muchos sitios, como: Puerta del Sol, Museos...
  • Yo soy más pesado que tú, ella es más alta que yo, ellos son más guapos que nosotros.
  • Do you like go on skiing holiday with your friend? Yes, I do
  • She sometimes, ski and he often skate. She never swims and sometimes does judo
  • My grandad is strong, young and ugly, but my granny is weak, old and pretty.

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