jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

English Past Sentences (6th Level)

  1. You worked very hard last week. 
  2. She lived in Japan last year. 
  3. They learned how to swim two years ago. 
  4. She liked to sit  in the sun. 
  5. He always walked to school. 
  6. I painted my house last weekend. 
  7. Mr. Green worked with my uncle.
  8. I married Kelly last year. 
  9. He worked in his garden yesterday. 
  10. He studied for his English class. 
  11. You watched television every night. 
  12. They talked on the phone last week. 
  13. She wanted to learn French. 
  14. They worked together for many years. 
  15. She wished to learn Italian. 
  16. He lived in Boston. 
  17. You studied in my class last semester. 
  18. We listened music until ten o’clock last night 
  19. She wanted to visit London. 
  20. He watched television until twelve o’clock last night. 
  21. She smoked a lot. 
  22. He answered all the questions.
  23. She waited almost an hour for you. 
  24. I mentioned it to you many times. 
  25. She needed to speak English in order to get a better job. 
  26. You arrived ten minutes late. 
  27. The employee fixed the mistake.
1. I traveled around your country last summer
2. Yesterday I met your husband at the cinema
3. He was the man who saved my life
4. Did you see his face?
5. We went by bus in that occasion
6. I bought this car in January
7. Suddenly, Tom appeared in my house and asked for his brother
8. I didn’t think about that, sorry!
9. Did she go to the Paris in the August of 2008?
10. They didn’t do it
11. It rained all night
12. Where did you buy those chocolates?
13. I´m sure he was there, I saw him
14. When I was a child, I didn´t like horses
15. Last year I went to Europe with my aunt
16. I wrote a note for you, didn’t you see it?
17. Paul didn’t study for the exam
18. We were best friends during the school
19. Did you see the new building in the centre?
20. They didn’t believe him

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